Cold Drawn Precision Seamless Steel Pipe for Mechanical Processing

Cold Drawn Precision Seamless Steel Pipe for Mechanical Processing

Model No.︰Iron-c

Brand Name︰ironsteel

Country of Origin︰-

Unit Price︰US $ 600 / ton

Minimum Order︰5 ton

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Product Description

We are professional manufacturer of cold drawn seamless steel pipe  in China. Our seamless steel pipe with very high precision of size
Standard: GB/T8162, GB/T8163, GB/T3639, DIN2391-2
Steel material: 20#(AISI 1020/DIN1.0402 C22), 45#(ASTM 1045,DIN45), 20Cr, Q345B, etc
Technique: Cold rolling
OD: 21mm~416mm
Wall thickness: 0.8mm~20mm
Toleraance of size: ±0.05mm(outer diameter).

Usage: widely used for mechanical processing, Automobile industry, hydraulic equipments
Advantages of our high precision seamless steel pipe:
1.       Smaller caliber
2.       Accept small qty order
3.       Good surface treatment
4.       The pipe with superior performance, suitable for mechanical making
Accurate size
Perfect surface treatment

Anti-corrosion Packing
Final Supply Conditions


Designation Symbol Description
Cold finished (hard) BK Tubes do not undergo heat treatment following the final cold forming and,thus, have a rather high resistance to deformation
Cold finished (soft) BKW The final heat treatment is followed by cold drawing involving limited deformation.Appropriate further processing allows a certain degree of cold forming(e.g. bending expanding).
Cold finished and stress-relleved BKS Heat treatment is applled following the last cold forming process. Subject to appropriate processing conditions, the increase in the residual stresses involved enables both forming and machining to a certain degree
Annealed GBK The last cold forming process is followed by annealing in a controlled atmosphere
Normalized NBK The last cold forming process is followed by annealing above the upper transformation point in a controlled atmosphere

Preicision Seamless Tube Size List

OD (mm) Thickness (mm) OD (mm) Thickness (mm) OD (mm) Thickness (mm) OD (mm) Thickness (mm)
Φ13.1 1.5-3 Φ35.5 1.5-7 Φ46.1 1.5-10 Φ93 1.5-15
Φ19.25 1.5-5 Φ35.9 1.5-7 Φ47.8 1.5-10 Φ19-Φ121 1.5-15
Φ22 1.5-5 Φ36.6 1.5-7 Φ49.2 1.5-10    
Φ22.2 1.5-5 Φ38 1.5-8 Φ49.5 1.5-10    
Φ25 1.5-6 Φ38.4 1.5-8 Φ52.3 1.5-10    
Φ26.3 1.5-6 Φ40 1.5-10 Φ53.8 1.5-10    
Φ27 1.5-6 Φ40.2 1.5-10 Φ57 1.5-10    
Φ28 1.5-6 Φ40.9 1.5-10 Φ59 1.5-10    
Φ30 1.5-6 Φ41.3 1.5-10 Φ60 1.5-11    
Φ30.25 1.5-6 Φ41.6 1.5-10 Φ62.5 1.5-11    
Φ30.9 1.5-6 Φ42 1.5-10 Φ74 1.5-11    
Φ31 1.5-7 Φ43 1.5-10 Φ75 1.5-11    
Φ32 1.5-7 Φ44.5 1.5-10 Φ76 1.5-11    
Φ35 1.5-7 Φ45.8 1.5-10 Φ89 1.5-15    

Chemical Composition of seamless steel pipe

Material Chemical composition (%)
C Mn P S Si Ni Cu
AISI 1020
0.17~0.23 0.35~0.65 0.035 0.035 0.17~0.37 0.3 0.25
ASTM1045, DIN45
0.42~0.5 0.5~0.8 0.04 0.045 0.17~0.37 0.25 0.25

Mechanical Properties of seamless steel pipe

Steel material Tensile Strength Mpa Yield strength Mpa Elongation
Hardness Straightness
20# 510 245 25 156HB 0.3~1.0
45# 647 355 16 HRC62 0.3~1.0


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